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The Western Digital WDTV Live Plus is a fantastic media center and you will need a standard or high definition television with HDMI or composite video connections. Here’s what it does:

  • Full-HD video playback and navigation – up to 1080p
  • Stream Netflix and other online media
  • Play almost any type of media file
  • Access media anywhere on your home network
  • Supports DVD Navigation

If you don’t have cable, but you do have a large collection of TV shows and movies on computer and a subscription to Netflix, this box is worth every penny of its low price.  With the Western Digital WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player you can have complete access to media on any TV in the house. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money the WDTV is a great choice.

If you hate wire everywhere, one HDMI cable is all that’s needed to hookup the box to a TV. Setup was easy; it can be connected to a wireless network in moments. Navigation is easy and menus are simple, point, click and play. It plays all types of video files, and Netflix is great. The quality is excellent. If you’ve used streaming Netflix before, you know what to expect – video is DVD quality and sometimes better.

It has full HD video playback and navigation up to 1080p.  Fabulous picture quality of hi-def video plus digital audio sound.  The animated menus are great and easy to navigate with the remote.

You can enjoy Hollywood movies and TV episodes without ever leaving the house or having to check the mail box or stand in line in the freezing cold outside a red kiosk. You can also watch your own movies, music, and photos on your TV in full HD. Watch streaming YouTube videos, Flickr, or listen to Pandora.  Watch daily video podcasts from CNN, MTV, or ESPN.

WD TV Live Plus HD media player supports a wide variety of the most popular file formats.

The Ethernet port lets you connect the Western Digital  TV  to your home network so you can access and stream video, look at photos, and play music from any Mac, PC, and network drive in your house.

Supports wireless network connection to your home network with an optional USB wireless adapter.

View all the content included on your DVDs, including complete menu navigation, chapter listings, special features, and subtitles.

Play content from most popular USB drives, digital cameras, camcorders, and portable media players.

Two USB ports on the WD TV allow you to connect multiple USB storage devices, and access them simultaneously. The built-in media library feature collects the content on all the drives into one list sorted by media type. Just add more USBs for more storage space.

The Western Digital WD TV is Windows 7 compatible, so you can use the “Play To” feature to easily stream your Windows 7 computer’s files to your TV through your WD TV Plus HD media player.

Works with digital cameras, digital video cameras, in fact, any digital imaging device that supports Picture Transfer Protocol show your videos and photos.

The HDMI port lets you connect to the highest quality HDTV or home theater. Additional composite (RCA), and component outputs ensure compatibility with virtually all television sets.

The optical audio output sends digital signals to your AV receiver for the best surround sound experience.

Fits easily into your entertainment center, measuring only 3.9 x 4.9 x 1.6 inches.

To recap, the WD TV has:

  • Full-HD video playback and navigation
  • Access to your Netflix unlimited membership on your TV
  • Streaming network, Internet, and premium media
  • Plays a wide variety file formats

What’s in the box?

  • HD Media Player,
  • compact remote with batteries,
  • composite AV cable,
  • component AV cable,
  • AC adapter,
  • Quick Install Guide

The WD TV Live is probably the best under $100 set-top media player. It has all the bells and whistles that other more expensive boxes have. Considering that it has 1080p HDMI, optical Dolby DTS capability, and component or RCA backups, is network-enabled, USB drive reading, and comes in such a tiny package, you can’t go wrong!

The remote is small, but it is laid out in a user friendly way. Hook up the HDMI to the TV, and the optical to your receiver. Turn it on and it will boot quickly and probably recognize what it is plugged into.

Movie and TV shows are fantastic; it also plays divx, xvid, and MKV files beautifully.

This is definitely the best product for the money, and a must for newbies to the media player world.

Lowest Price

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Tons of rave reviews, awesome functionality, and a price that is right, you really can’t go wrong with this HD Media Player. The WD TV Live  is going to bring lots of new options to your tv watching.

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